Black Ops Pizza Marketing

“Double Your Sales In 12 Months

Or Less Guaranteed


Give The Big Chain Stores The Black

Eye They Deserve!”


I urge you lock the door, take the phone off the hook, kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and STUDY this letter - - it IS that important




Dear Friend,


You, the independent pizza store owner, are the big corporate chain stores number one target, and they have every intention of putting you out of business.  And unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that they have the deep pockets and the huge advertising budget to accomplish this, or at the very least, make your chances of owning a thriving business very difficult.


Did you know that one out of every three independent pizza restaurants are forced to shut down when one of the big chain stores sets up shop in town?  These are not good statistics for you.


Most independent owners, when one of these corporate giants move into town, will stand there like a deer in the headlights, just waiting for the inevitable result that will happen sooner or later.


And the honest truth is, the ones that close down sooner are often better off then the ones that close down later.  The longer you sit there, hoping that your sales will come back up, the worst things get.


You begin working more hours because you have trouble making payroll.  You start getting behind on your utilities and rent.  You stop your advertising to save cash.


Before long, your marriage is on the rocks because of financial troubles, and your dream of owning your own pizza shop quickly turns into a nightmare. 


And to make matters worse, if you used the SBA, or any of the other government loan programs out there to finance your store, and you go under, you can't file bankruptcy on them!  The government will chase you to your grave trying to collect, and if you're forced to shut down owing them several hundred thousand dollars, you're in a lot of trouble!


And the economy! Geez, don't get me started on that! Have you ever seen it worse than it is right now?


But I'm going to bet that you're probably not one of those owners that will just give up and roll over at the first sign of financial trouble, or call it quits just because you're not making all the income you want from your store.


And that's good, because there is an easy way to beat the big chain stores and double your sales in 12 months or less!


Be The Hunter, Not The Hunted!


Listen, being a small business owner, you know what it's like to be on the defensive all the time.  You have minimum wage constantly going up.  You have the government raising your taxes every chance they get, food cost keeps rising, and to top it off, you have plenty of other competitors who would love to see you go bankrupt and close your doors!

The last thing you need to have nagging at you is the thought that the big chain stores are slowly stealing your paying customers away with two dollar off coupons and $4.99 large one topping pizzas.

Wouldn't it be nice if the tables were turned, and you were stealing their customers?  Wouldn't it put a smile across your face knowing your competition couldn't sleep at night because their sales are plummeting?

Even better, wouldn't it feel great if you had two or three times the sales you had now?

How about skyrocketing your sales so much, that you could actually afford to purchase a new sports car every 18 to 24 months if you wanted one!


Now you can!

By using what I refer to as Black Ops Marketing, you can use unconventional marketing tactics that will legally steal your competitions most profitable customers, and convert them into your own raving fans!

These marketing strategies are definitely not what you're used to seeing in the pizza industry.  They're offensive strategies, designed to increase your sales dramatically at your competitions expense.

Did you know that everyone has the same kind of psychological triggers hard wired into our brains?  These “triggers” are part of our human nature and is what causes us to buy things on impulse, or causes us to try new products or services.

I can show you how to exploit these triggers and make yourself lots of money!

Look, I know what you're thinking...


If it's that simple, So why isn't every pizza owner rich?


Here's why:  Where most pizza owners get stuck, and I'm talking about everyone from complete newbie to grizzled veterans, in the “communicating your sales message” part. 


If there is a magic bullet for creating a pizza business that thrives and grows like crazy (no matter what the economy does)...


...It is simply knowing how to communicate with folks who should be buying your pizza, and helping them understand that you're the one they should be buying from.  And they should be buying from you NOW.


ü  Dollar off coupons don't work.  All they do is bring in the bottom feeders looking for their next cheap pizza fix.  Build a customer base out of these kinds of people and its like trying to build relationships with a bunch of cocaine addicts.


ü  Logos and mascots don't sell.  When was the last time you handed over your hard earned money to someone because they had a colorful logo, or had one of their employees dressed up in a mouse costume?


ü  Even building a huge data base swarming with customers wont generate cash for you...  If you don't have a clue how to have a simple “sales conversation” that turns fence sitters into “gotta have it” customers.


The sad fact is... most pizza owners out there...

...are flying BLIND trying to get people to buy from them.


They literally throw stuff into the mix. Fliers, box toppers, door hangers, postcards, newspaper ads, radio jingles, whatever... and then PRAY that it works!


This Is Going To Get Personal Really Fast


Look, if you don't yet clearly understand how to sell your pizza to someone... will forever struggle and likely remain a permanent member in the horde of floundering, worried, bankrupt, and lost wanna-be pizza owners clinging to the bottom rungs of the food chain out there.


Please allow this reality check to sink in.  Unless you know how to sell your pizza, every point of sale system, every piece of equipment, every advertising tactic, every little gadget that you think will help your business... will be worthless in your hands.


People don't line up like sheep with their wallets out because you have a neon open sign and a neat little strobe light set up in your shops window.


So until you know how to sell your pizza, you don't need another pizza gadget or colorful car topper.


However... you do need to learn the simple psychological triggers that will practically hypnotize people into buying from you instead of your competition.


It's Not Voodoo

It's A Marketing System


This is the same marketing system I used to turn my business into a cash cow that kept growing year after year.


What I'm offering here is a proven formula, broken down into 23 different simple and logical marketing tactics that will create “cult-like followers out of your customers.


These strategies are dirt cheap and easy to use.  One of my favorites cost only $5.87 and took 27 minutes to implement, resulting in $1955.75 in net profit in less than 30 days!


Another one of these strategies would consistently bring me in over $6076.20 in sales every time I used it!


I reveal both these strategies and a whole lot more in my Black Ops Pizza Marketing Course.



My step by step course also reveals:


*      How you can add over $24,000 in net profit every year to your business literally overnight and costs you nothing to implement. (You'll want to roll this one out fast)


*      What to do on only a $500 advertising budget


*      How to virtually GUARANTEE all of your mailings get delivered...and opened


*      The best way to take the “fear” out of customers buying from you


*      The three simple words that will increase your ads response by up to 42%.  If you don't do this you're flushing money down the toilet!


*      How to quickly and easily get your customers to pay for any emergency expenses that pop up.  (I used this strategy to quickly get a $3998 repair bill paid - without paying a penny out of my own pocket)


*      How I added an additional $28,896 in pure profit when one of my competitors was on the ropes.  This strategy starts bringing in cash in less than 48 hours


*      A sneaky but ethical technique for getting your satisfied customers to agree to give “mind blowing” testimonials for convincing new customers


*      The 3 rules of pizza advertising that will make or break your advertising campaign.  Break just one of these rules and it will cost you thousands of dollars.


*      How you can increase the response of your yellow pages advertising by up to 400% and cut your ad cost to a fraction of what your paying now. This tactic is so dirty it will make your competitions ad practically invisible! (Your competitors will be scratching their heads wondering why their yellow page ads stopped working)


*      How to get your customers to aggressively do your selling for you.  This strategy cost me 88 cents and brought in $1287 in sales in only 3 days. (You can do this several times a month if you know how to schedule it correctly)



Imagine actually being able to take off work anytime you want because you can afford to hire several new employees to handle the work load you usually do. 


Or, maybe you could start thinking about starting that second or third store because you now have the cash flow to handle the startup costs.


Or...surprise your spouse with that new sports car they've been wanting!


I Swear To God Your Spouse Will Do Incredible

Things To You That You Never Dreamed Possible

When You Surprise Them With A New Sports Car!


For the longest time, my wife wanted a 350Z.  She said they were “cute”... I on the other hand would never call one of my cars cute, but whatever.


When I first bought my store, we were so freaking broke that buying any car was completely out of the question, much less buying a high performance sports car.


Heck, we couldn't even afford to buy groceries at that time.  We were eating pizza almost every meal trying to make ends meet.


However, after three years of consistently applying the Black Ops marketing strategies,


I was able to pay cash and buy her that new sports car she always wanted.  She didn't even have a clue she was getting a new car until she walked outside our house in Pryor Oklahoma and seen her brand new limited edition 350Z sitting in our driveway.

You should have seen the look on her face when she walked outside.    Complete shock and excitement!

And you should have seen how excited I was later that night when.... Well...never mind... you can probably guess what happened next.  

The point is, these marketing strategies are so effective, and will cause such an influx of new cash carrying customers, that your competitors will swear you're doing something illegal.

          My wifes limited edition 350z


Now, you probably don't believe what I'm saying.  Frankly, why should you?  I'm as skeptical as anyone too. So to prove to you how effective these strategies can be, I'm going to show you the actual copy of my tax returns that I filed with the IRS.


Here's the sales from my 2003 tax return.



Now here's my 2006 tax return.


Wow... That's over a 233% increase in sales and an additional $328,265 running through my bank account every year!  And keep in mind that my small market only had 6000 households!  Imagine how much more you could do if you have a market with twenty or thirty thousand homes!


You'll also notice a different address on the 2006 tax return from the 2003 return.  That's because we also bought ourselves a new home during this time of skyrocketing sales.


We were averaging around $300 per day in sales, on a good day we might hit $500.  Twelve months later after using Pauls Black Ops Pizza Marketing strategies we were pushing $3000 days! Use these strategies consistently and you will see results.  Heidi Alexander, Vian OK


You can experience this kind of increase in your sales too.  But I want you to be completely aware that this is definitely NOT a “get rich quick scheme”. 


In fact, you will have to spend a few hours every week to launch and maintain these strategies.  So if you're one of those people who think they can take this manual, stick it against your forehead, close your eyes, and the money will just come pouring out of the ceiling, then don't waste your time ordering.  Which brings me to another point...


This Course Might Not Be For You


As much as I would love to sell one of these courses to every independent pizza owner out there that's getting their butt kicked by the big chains, I don't want to waste your time or mine if you don't fit the profile of someone who could actually benefit from this course.


ü  Your bankrupt.  Look, if your about to close your doors in the next month, then save your money.  It will take at least 30 to 60 days for this course to really start significantly increasing your sales, and if you have the “tax man” standing right behind you with with his hatchet, this course isn't going to save you.


ü  You have to “talk-it-over” with someone else.  If you're one of those people who has to clear your decisions with your business partner, spouse, accountant, lawyer, mommy or daddy, or whomever before you can commence any kind of forward movement, then this course isn't for you.  Two or more sissies can never equal one pair of testicles!  And even if you did get this course, you probably wouldn't follow through with the strategies because you cant make your own mind up.  This course is for people who can make a decision and follow through with it.


ü  You have a degree in advertising.  If you happen to have the “handicap” of a college degree in advertising, then unfortunately you probably wont be able to wrap your “mind washed” little brain around these marketing concepts.  We all know that college advertising classes only teach you how to get and keep a job at a nice big safe Enron, and not how to create a marketing campaign that is actually profitable.


However, if you are ready to take control of your sales and profits and stop making excuses...




...Here's The Deal


The Black Ops Pizza Marketing Course is most likely that missing piece to the puzzle that you've been looking for.  That missing piece that will complete the exciting picture of a super successful pizza business.


These tactics have been proven time and time again to work for all pizzeria owners, young, old, man or woman, new pizzeria, or well established.  It doesn't matter what scenario you want to throw at me.  The Black Ops Pizza marketing Course works because...


...These tactics are universal, proven, and easy to use.






As an added bonus I'm also going to include a copy of my How To Get Free Publicity For Your Pizza Restaurant manual.


This manual can launch your restaurant into new levels of financial success you never dreamed possible, and it won't cost you a penny.  While your competition is spending hundreds of dollars for a tiny one inch by two inch ad, you'll be enjoying the benefits of a half or three quarter page story about your store, that wont cost you a single penny.


If you've ever tried to get a story ran about your restaurant, but just can't seem to get a reporter to do the story, it's probably because you don't know the unspoken rules that must be followed.  And the funny thing is...


...the reporter will never tell you what these rules are.  But if you break just one of them, your chances of getting publicity are dead.


Trying to get your restaurant in newspapers, magazines, radio and television is sometimes like trying to walk blindfolded through a mine field.  Only a few people who ever try it ever get to the end and actually get the interview.


This manual will remove the blindfold and gives you a map showing you how to navigate the incredibly secretive world of getting free publicity.


And if you're not using publicity, to market your pizza store, you're missing out on one of the cheapest, most powerfully ways to explode your sales.


This manual reveals


*      The 3 things you're not doing that's causing your press releases to go directly into the trash - most people don't have a clue what these are, but the reporter will never tell you about them


*      The 2 words that will kill your chances at getting an article done about your store -say these words and the reporter will practically hang up on the spot


*      The secret rule of the publicity game that gets the reporter to sell your pizza for you


But I'm not done yet!





Because when you order the Black Ops Pizza Marketing course, I'm also going to include a copy of my report How To Create Newspaper Ads For Maximum Profits.


Everyone tries to advertise in their local newspaper, but very few pizzeria owners know the proper way to advertise to actually create a surge of profits into their business.


In this report you'll discover...


n  The most profitable way to place your newspaper advertisement to create starving, “gotta have it” customers.  Hint:  Putting up your business card and phone number isn't it .


n  The one person you must never let create your newspaper ad for you. 



n  Why you don't want your newpaper ads... to look like newspaper ads.  Do it this way instead and you'll up to 400% more visibility than your competitors lame ads.


n  How to pay up to 70% less for your newspaper ads then your competitors.  



Here Is What You Need To Do Now:


I have courses packaged and ready to ship immediately.


To get yours, click on the order button below.  This is the fastest way to order, and I can have your course shipped in less than 24 hours.  Or you can send a check or money order to Paul Baker c/o Black Ops Pizza Marketing 105 Lilac Lane, Pryor, OK 74361.



How much?


It's ridiculously reasonable.


Your cost for the entire Black Ops Pizza Marketing course and the two free bonuses: How To Get Free Publicity For Your Pizza Restaurant Course and the How To Create Newspaper Ads For Maximum Profits


...Is Just $247.   Plus standard shipping and handling of only $12.95.


That's less than what you pay one of your minimum wage dishwashers for a week.  And unlike the dishwasher, this course will actually make you money... a lot of money.


Whats more...


...Your not on the hook even a little bit by checking this pizza marketing course out, personally.


Because you have a...



     365 Day Money Back Guarantee!


That's how serious I am about you making a ton of money in your pizza restaurant... you get my 1-year, Unconditional No Strings Attached, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.


That means you have a full 12 months to examine everything in the course, start using the tactics (which some of them you can start using within 24-48 hours) and take advantage of every template and example that the course offers!  If at any time during those 12 months you decide the course is not for you, for any reason whatsoever, you can simply return it for a NO-Hassle-100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED REFUND.  No questions asked.  No hard feelings.




Use this profit generating course for the next 12 months.  If at anytime during that 12 months you're convinced that this course won't double your sales, then just return the course to me (in any condition) and you will receive a prompt refund of your purchase price.


You're risking absolutely nothing by trying this course out.


The ball is in your court now.


It's up to you to make the decision to come aboard, and see what all the fuss is about...


...or to walk away - and twelve months from now wonder if things could have been different.


What you are about to discover is the foundation of every successful pizza business.

It's your turn to make the money for a change.


You must hurry


This is serious stuff for people who are serious about being successful with their pizza restaurant.


This should not be a hard decision to make... You have an opportunity here.


Order now, while you're thinking about it.  And your adventure in pizza success can begin right away.


I look forward to hearing from you.



Paul Baker








P.S.  Remember, with a 100% money back guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose.  You get all these strategies and steps that I used to double my sales in only one year handed to you, ready to be implemented.  Act now before your competition does!


P.P.S.  Don't forget... The two free bonuses How To Get Free Publicity For Your Pizza Restaurant and How To Create Newspaper Ads For Maximum Profits are yours to keep, even if your decide not to keep the Black Ops Pizza marketing course!

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